How to add collagen to your diet

How to add collagen to your diet

Experiment with bone broth
Bone broth is made by simmering bones to help extract the flavor and beneficial nutrients. Not only is it an excellent source of collagen, but it’s also tasty and easy to add to your diet by using it to make soups and stews, whole grains like rice and quinoa, and even to moisten leftovers.

You can easily make bone broth at home, or save time by purchasing it in powder form. Two of my favorite recipes that use bone broth are my Vietnamese pho and onion soup, but you can also simply sip bone broth from a mug and enjoy it all on its own.

2. Try powdered gelatin
Gelatin is essentially the cooked form of collagen, and powdered gelatin can be a quick and convenient way to bump up your collagen consumption. It can be mixed into any liquid, including soups, stews, and broths. You can also enjoy it in a cup of keto coffee or use it to satisfy your sweet tooth by making homemade Jell-O or natural fruit snacks.

Buy powdered gelatin.

3. Supplement with collagen peptides
Collagen peptides are another easy option to get your fix of this important form of protein. Most brands sell hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which means that the amino acids in collagen have been broken down so that they’re more easily digested and absorbed.

Collagen powder can also be added to smoothies, hot beverages, or baked goods to pump some extra protein into your day.

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What science says about collagen
Whether or not taking additional collagen supplements will help your ills is up to your individual condition and lifestyle. Research appears to support collagen supplements for older people and people with conditions like arthritis, but an otherwise healthy person with a balanced diet may not see any benefits.

That said, there are also plenty of natural ways to get in your daily dose of this superstar nutrient each day. If you want to consume collagen naturally, eat a well-balanced, high-protein diet that includes animal products. Collagen is in beef, chicken, fish, and egg whites.

But you don’t want to eat too much protein, either. Your body doesn’t tell the collagen where to go. Instead, it distributes the collagen like it would any other nutrient. So taking collagen supplements works much like exercise — it’s difficult to target a specific need, but increasing your intake could still have benefits

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